Programmable Infrastructure Solutions

Containerize Apps

Docker and Kubernetes help you simplify your deployment pipeline but need very specific care as you try and fit your applications to containers. Our experts work with your development team side-by-side to containerize your applications.

Orchestrate & Automate

Mesosphere organizes your entire infrastructure as if it was a single computer. Launch thousands of containers in seconds, or deploy complex systems like Hadoop with a single command. Run everything from microservices to big data on one cluster and drive higher utilization. Run your applications in any cloud, on virtual machines, or on bare metal without any code changes.

Build An On-premise Private Cloud

Our experts understand what it takes to transition over to OpenStack and implement different layers including Nova (compute), Neutron (Network), Cinder (Storage), Keystone and Glance (Access). We can help you run your internal IT with the same level of agility and flexibility that the public cloud solutions provide.

Move To The Public Cloud

We will help you identify good candidate applications to start moving to the cloud. Once your journey to the cloud is defined we will help you execute by helping you create a business case for moving to the right public cloud solutions. We understand AWS, Azure and Google Cloud services to help you navigate all that they have to offer and choose the right solution.

For many organizations, finding the right cloud solution to meet the ever-changing needs of the business while also ensuring planning, implementation and adoption success can be a daunting undertaking.

Put your cloud program on the path to success from the very beginning with Cervoo’s Advisory Services. Our comprehensive services ensure that you have an experienced partner to guide your business through each stage of your cloud transformation program.

Case Studies

Here is a sample of some of the large scale problems we solved for our clients in industries as varied as Biopharma, Tech and Financial Services.

Data Center Transformation

Large Payments Company's Post-acquisition Data Center Transformation -- After a successful multi Billion dollar acquisition came the challenge to merge organizations and integrate data centers. Brought a suite of payments applications for the acquired entity to our client's data centers without any interruption to their business.

Hybrid Cloud Strategy

Introduction of Hybrid Data Center Service for a Cloud Services Company -- Helped this infrastructure provider define a new hybrid data center service for their clients. Created the service catalog, helped come up with the initial go-to-market strategy and implemented initial prototypes for existing tenants within their colo data center.

Private Cloud Implementation

Biopharma Genome Sequencing High Performance Computing Implementation -- This client is saving lives by finding cure for serious diseases like cancer. Helped their team size, plan and implement private cloud infrastructure. Benchmarked and sized genome sequencing alignment and simulation algorithms on public cloud.